Teacher Interview: Ms. Lau Tsz Kwun, Baptist Rainbow Primary School

Learning from fun enhances learning outcomes

2016 Excellent Teacher Election

Ms. Lau participated in the 2016 Excellent Teacher Election. She used RainbowOne to produce an English e-learning material and received a certificate of appreciation.

Using multimedia to enhance learning motives

Ms. Lau teaches her students past tense in English lesson using famous cartoon characters. To students, learning grammar in English class is a boring and wearying process. That is why Ms. Lau decided to show her students a short film - an introduction to past tense first. So that students can learn the grammar knowledge visually instead of rote learning.

Students find it interesting to learn while cartoon stories are used as teaching materials. They like using tape recorders to do speaking practices according to the content of the story, which they can repeatedly listen to their own speeches before reporting. Furthermore, they can pick up their mistakes and make improvements in their English and to increase their self-confidence.

Using multimedia to enhance learning motivesUsing multimedia to enhance learning motivesUsing multimedia to enhance learning motives

Auto-checking features allow students to master their learning

After briefly introducing how to convert verbs into past tense, Ms. Lau gives her students some exercises with drag-drop and multiple-choice questions. Ms. Lau said that students like to do this kind of drag-drop practices because it automatically checks the answers and saves time. In case, students can quickly acknowledge their learning outcomes and progress, so to rectify any mistakes if needed.

Auto-checking featuresfeedback

Ms. Lau not only values students’ learning but also hopes that they can enjoy the fun of learning. Before the end of her classes, she would consolidate their learning by doing a fun game in RainbowOne, and let her students evaluate their learning progress on that day. So that Ms. Lau as a teacher can also receive feedback and make a tune when necessary.