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Personalized learning is the trend

Personalized learning is the most effective way of learning. We know that everyone is different in terms of ability and learning style. You know your students, and you want to give them suitable materials to learn. In the past, you created lots of paper exercises for them. With the aid of RainbowOne, your paper exercises can become rich media that are much more attractive and engaging. They also help you analyze performance of students and your teaching so that you can give more personalized materials to them.

E-Learning in your style

When the material is yours, you can use your own pedagogy that you know it works for your student. You don’t have to blindly follow the teaching instructions in the textbook. You can use your materials in lesson or as assignment, or as a flipped classroom materials that let you know understandings of students before going to lesson.

Simple yet powerful e-book authoring tool

The authoring tool works like PowerPoint by adding components like text, photos, sound and video to your slides. What makes RainbowOne differentiate from other platform is that you can add interactive components and adjust them to match your design and pedagogy. For example, you can add a camera tool that ask student to take specific photos. You can add a drag drop exercise that ask student to classify objects.

Design matters

We have many beautiful e-book templates for you to start from. There are many different learning components that serve different teaching and learning methods. You are not limited to use just multiple choice or fill in the blanks. Your e-book is now attractive and full of your creativity. The most important is that it is tailor-made for your students!

Media Library and Text-to-Speech (TTS)

Photos and clipart are essential to your e-book, so we provide you more than ten thousand of them. You are eligible to use them in RainbowOne. Voice also plays an important role. It’s an e-book not a paper book! Use our sound player component, add an mp3 of your own or use the TTS function. Simply entering the text and choose the language. The system will speak the sentence for you!


Engaging e-lesson

Now you have your e-book. It’s time to try it at your lesson. We have been observing over a hundred schools using our platform. We found that other than those functions related to learning, teacher needs classroom tools at lesson. The most frequently used tools are sync pages between teachers and students, “black-out” student screen to draw attention, timer, review student answers and give comments, voting, competition and group discussion. There are many classroom tools, so let’s try by yourself.

Save time by auto-correction

Questions with standard answers are auto-corrected by the system. It gives you more time to review open end questions. You can change the score to both open end questions and questions with standard answers, and give comment to students. Students receives your comment immediately.

Instant analysis

When your students submit answer, the system generate charts immediately. You can instantly know the performance of your student at every question. If you find something that students don’t understand, don’t hesitate, enhance or adjust your teaching immediately as the memory of students are limited. They may forget your teaching right after lesson.


Everyone loves rewards

How to motivate students to learn and submit their answers? Giving them positive reinforcement. You can reward students by giving them “stars” when they perform well. They love stars! Students can also use their stars to exchange offline items in the redeem shop in the system. You can prepare real gifts for them to redeem.

E-Assignment and Flipped classroom

After lesson, share your e-book to students and they can read it and play it at home. If you set the sharing as assignment or test, you can set certain rules such as deadline and allowed submission times. You can also review usage data such as number of pages read and percentage of answer completion. Review student understandings and performance before lesson by reading the instant data and charts of your e-book.

Self-created analysis , pinpoint the true difficulties and solutions

Another feature RainbowOne is that you can create your own charts. You can select your parameters including people, period and learning content. Our system can generate appropriate charts for you. You can find insights within them. You can also add learning objectives to your e-book and even to every question. Then you can analyze by learning objectives across multiple e-books. You can also analyze by comparing data from different subjects to see their correlations.

AI is coming!

We are developing AI to find insights from learning data automatically. There are 2 benefits. First, the AI suggest hidden insights that you cannot observe at regular lessons or from assignment. An example insight (just an imagined example) may be “the ability of calculating fraction in mathematics has high correlation with the ability of speaking in English”. Second, the AI suggest what are the best materials or teaching style for a particular student base on his background and the efficiency of the e-book from your school. All these technology helps us to pursue one goal - personalized and effective learning.

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