Core tools for everyone

Abundant tools are provided to help you cater every aspect of e-Learning.

工作間圖示  Files

  • Manage, edit and create e-book.
  • Share e-books to classes, groups or students.
  • Quick view and adjust every shared e-books' setting.
  • Auto-saved editable e-books getting form e-bookstore.

書籤圖示  Bookmark

  • Bookmark pages and for teachers to assign to students.
  • During reading e-book or lesson, all pages in the e-book can be added to bookmark.
  • After lesson, students can review those added pages anytime.
  • Teachers can added bookmark to their students.

筆記圖示  Notepad

  • Jot notes.
  • During reading e-book or lesson, students can mark down key points.
  • After lesson, students can review those key points anytime.
  • Both teacher and student account have their own notepad.

上課圖示  Lesson

  • Connect teachers' and students' device to start interactive lessons.
  • Teachers can synchronise their page with student, collect students' answer and result to give feedback immediately.
  • Provide different lesson management tools for teachers and students.

List of interactive lesson tools

書架圖示  Bookshelf

  • List out all e-books or assignments for students.
  • E-book modes: Free to Read, Assignment, Test, Exam, Teacher Edition(Teachers' account only), Courses(Students' account only) and From Bookstore.
    • Free to Read represents no time limited but star reward is available.
    • Test/Exam have due date, different limited and reward.
    • Courses and their progress will be shown here.

學習歷程圖示  Progress

  • Display learning progress from overview to pinpoint.
  • Teachers and students can check learning records here.
  • Teacher can overview learning results, e-book open times and no. of students submitted.
  • Change setting of shared e-book.
  • Check class learning progress and performance report.
  • Teachers can mark feedback and comment to students.

書店圖示  Bookstore

  • Provide ready to use interactive materials.
  • Over 800+ different subjects e-learning materials  are provided for download and read.
  • Many of the e-books are editable. You can download them and modify according to your needs.

獎賞天地圖示  Prize icon_proplan

  • Teachers set up prizes for student to redeem.
  • Students can use stars to redeem prizes or avatar.
  • Students can redeem stickers for use in Peer Review*
  • Teachers can add different prizes for students to redeem.
  • Teachers can add marking stickers and link to learning objectives, such as "wrong spelling" and can be used for statistics later.
  • Check Redeem records and Star records.

* will be released within 2021

mainpage_tools_icon_25  Bulletin board

  • View all students' good work.
  • If the good work contains multimedia elements such as e-pen, audio or video recording, users can playback them.
  • Able to print our student's good work.
  • Good work will also be posted on the news board in homepage  simultaneously.

學習重點圖示  Objectives

  • Set up learning objectives for analysis.
  • Establish a tree-like list of school-based learning objectives according to subject, learning ability or course.
  • Can link these objectives to questions in e-book.
  • You can analyse student performance according to objectives to reduce students' unnecessary drillings, and focus more on training their weaknesses.
    • Check learning point analysis in e-book report.
    • Also customize cross-ebook learning point analysis chart in Analysis tool.

數據分析圖示  Analysis

  • Overall data analysis on learning performance and usage pattern.
  • Establish and review different analysis bar or line chart which are generated from 3 parameters: date range, learning point and classes.
  • Multiple date range can be entered.
  • Learning points can be one or multiple e-books, one or multiple or cross-subject learning points.
  • Analyse usage pattern such as login times, section usage, reading times, submit times and stars acquired.

課程圖示  Course

  • Organise different materials into course. Setup using conditions and rewards.
  • Encourage self-learning and students can learn accordingly to their ability and progress, and use rewards to enhance learning interest.
  • Group multiple e-books in order. Course mode can set to "All Open" or "In Order" (one by one).
  • Set the using condition or each e-books, such as passing rate,  open time, number of stars reward and other settings.

角色圖示  Avatar

  • This is Edutainment!
  • Encourage students to read e-books and submit exercises to acquire stars, use stars to redeem different clothes or styles.
  • After redeeming, your avatar will be changed.
  • New style and avatar will be shown at the ranking section, and other students can also see it.

排行榜圖示  Ranking

  • Encourage students to try and realize their improvements
  • Check E-book, Course and Star ranking
  • After changing style in Avatar tool, it will be shown on the podium of Course Ranking

用戶管理圖示  Users

  • Manage users and tags
  • With tags, students can be classified easily and effectively to be managed the resources or functions they can use.
    • Teacher can create different tags and match to different students freely
    • One student can contain multiple tags at the same time, and access all e-books under his tags
  • Every school year, school is required to create new school year and all tags, or update User Information in Batch via Excel

媒體庫圖示  Media

  • Provide over 18000+ photos used in editing e-book, including authorized vector graphics and photos
  • Provide advanced 10000+ ELFIE authorized graphics and photos (only for Professional Plan users)
  • Teachers can upload additional photos, sounds or videos in their School Media

網上字典圖示  Dictionary

  • Provide 4 dictionaries for checking out Chinese or English explanation and pronunciation
    • Chinese Dictionary
    • 2 English Dictionary (Cambridge & Oxford)
    • Chinese - English Dictionary

拼音工具圖示  Pinyin Tool

  • Using RainbowOne Pinyin input keyboard, Pinyin combination can be checked out freely
  • Show related word and its pronunciation automatically

語音工具圖示  Speech Tool

  • Practice reading aloud and check pronunciation
  • Provide 3 languages (Cantonese, Mandarin and English)

字詞庫圖示  Vocabulary

  • During reading e-book or lesson, students can add any single word or phrases into Vocabulary
  • After lesson, students can revise those vocabulary anytime
  • Both teacher and student account have their own Vocabulary

學習咭圖示  Flashcard

  • Customize your own flashcards
  • To create flashcard, e-pen can be used to write or draw. Text, Pinyin text, Camera, Video Camera and Sound Recorder can also be added as well

瀏覽器圖示  Browser

  • Internet Searching directly in RainbowOne
  • Connected to Google Search engine

mainpage_tools_icon_22  Settings

  • Change general or usage settings
  • Clear e-book cache data
  • Set extra air mouse

使用說明  User Guide

  • If you encounter any problems, just go User Guide to find the solution
  • If you still cannot solve, contact us for the technical support

全校設定圖示  School Admin

  • change whole school e-book reading setting
  • Change access rights 
  • Check school's subscription information, including subscribed plan, period of use, number of teacher and student account etc