Know your students' performance immediately.

Adjust your teaching accordingly and students can learn effectively.

Instant chart for quick review

In traditional lesson, it takes you time to collect student answer and review them. With RainbowOne, different chart showing performance by questions or by students are always in your hand. You always know who is the best and who cannot make it, but how about those in the middle? Does your student understand your questions? These charts can help you.

Auto correct

You don't have to correct student answer one by one anymore for questions with standard answers. Most of the question types in RainbowOne are designed to auto correct by themselves. You can save more time for your student rather than working like a robot. You can still give score or comment to those question without standard answer in RainbowOne. The total score will be automatically calculated and student will know it immediately.


Varieties of answers

Now every student has the chance to speak during lessons. With the audio and video recording component in the e-book, students are encouraged to present themselves. What we observed is that student are not shy and afraid when they record their voice. Other form of answers in including drawing, image capture from website, symbols, charts and more. You now have the chance to know every response of your students.

Let your students learn effectively!

Download RainbowOne and enjoy for free with 2 teacher and 40 student accounts!