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only internet is needed!

Runs on Microsoft Azure - the world leading cloud service

  • Microsoft Azure is one of the top two cloud service provider.
  • Highest security. Azure supports on hardware software management and monitoring.
  • Azure guarantees 99.9% above uptime.
  • Flexible Scale-up settings to avoid sudden traffic. We have set our Azure services to dynamic scale-up, hardware power and traffic will be automatically adjusted.
  • Auto backup. Azure provides database auto backup service.
  • No need to set server in you school. No technical staffs is required for continual monitoring
  • In-house agent monitoring. We have our own agent to monitor the operation of the cloud services, we will adjust quickly if there is any issues.

Single account.
Sync everywhere.

  • Users can use RainbowOne on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac.
  • Login with the same account, all the answers in the e-book are synced across devices. E.g., your student haven't finish assignment at lesson, they can login at home and all the submitted data are there, no need to answer again.
  • In lesson mode, different devices can be connected altogether. E.g. teachers can use Windows version and students can use iPad version.

Same experience across devices

  • The user interface are the same across computers and tablets, therefore you don't have to learn again when using different platforms.
  • We also provide mobile phone version "RainbowMo", the interface is designed for mobile. It is mainly used for reading e-Book, news, doing lesson and discussion.

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