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RainbowOne has bookstore for its interactive e-book. If you are a teacher, you can get these e-book which allows you to edit. Revise the e-book to fit your student. If you are a parent or student, you can get these e-books and read it anytime anywhere.

Free e-books for you

We worked on many tailor-made e-books project in the past.  Most of them are willing to share their products free of charge. These e-books are all in our bookstore. Take a look at our bookstore now and see if they are suitable for you. We hope we can work on more and more these projects and more people can benefits! 

A community of mutual benefits

Open Knowledge Association, the creator of RainbowOne, is a registered charity organisation in Hong Kong. Our motto is "Create, Share, Include". We want to build a community where people can create and share their learning materials, and we will give them to those underprivileged. We hope all children can learn equally, and we are giving our little helping hand. 

We encourage teachers to publish their e-book to our bookstore, a place where they can share their pedagogy or learn from others, and most importantly, children can benefits from them.

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