Partner Program

Together we run further!

If you are working in the below area, welcome to talk to us for potential partnership.


Whether you are a big or small education publisher, you might think of publishing your work online. This is the trend. However, publishing static e-book just like pdf may not give you any advantage. If you want something more interactive, not just adding video and audio, that usually costs you a lot on IT resources before your product actually comes out. RainbowOne has already developed all e-book groundwork for you, so that you can save time and manpower, and focus on content development.

​We have many interactive components with customisable settings, our free canvas let you combine and arrange these components anyway you want. Therefore you can build almost everything you wish. One editor using templates in RainbowOne, can quickly build a totally interactive e-book by himself already. Traditionally, this usually requires an editor, a designer and a programmer in order to do so. By simple calculation, this practice reduce you manpower to 1/3! Even when you need a new component, we can make it for you! The cost is significantly lower because we just need to make that component, not everything from scratch.


Some education publishers in Hong Kong are working with us already and we will release our success story soon. They partner with us in the following way:

  1.  Pass their traditional paper materials to us and we help our partners to convert them to fully interactive e-book.
  2.  Convert their old flash materials into RainbowOne e-book which can be run at multi-platform.
  3.  Sell their product and make income in RainbowOne e-bookstore.

Their e-book are published in our RainbowOne bookstore and their client and even the world can access them easily. RainbowOne will show you all the usage and answer statistics for you. You can then analyse the performance of all your readers, and make your next e-book better!

If you are interested to partner with us, please email us at You can also read more information with the following links:


There are many benefits for learning centres to use RainbowOne. Our partner work with us in the following way:

  1.  We train them to use RainbowOne.

  2.  They use RainbowOne to make their interactive learning materials, and assign these materials to their students to respective classes.

  3.  We give them suggestion and guidance on how to evaluate the performance of their students.

Sure we can help them to convert their materials to interactive e-book. In this scenario, they choose to DIY and we act as consultation. This practice allows them to create and revise their materials by their own. In the long run, this saves them lots of time and resources, and attract more customers because their customers can learn anytime and anywhere. The lesson time can be better utilise for better communication and deeper learning.

​If you are interested to partner with us, please email us at You can also read more information with the following links:

Projects and funding

We work with many organisations on projects, including but not limited to schools, publishers, learning centres, corporate trainers, parent groups, therapists and universities. We have many successful stories on joining forces together to apply for external fundings to explore and develop new teaching and learning practices. We are strong at writing proposals and we can discuss with you in-depth to explore potential collaboration. Our services includes:

  1.  Interactive e-book development

  2.  E-learning and assessment platform development

  3. Illustrations, animation, media-production typesetting for e-book

​If you are interested to partner with us, please email us at You can also read more information with the following links:


If you are a hardware vendor, such as e-whiteboard, tablets, Android robots, STEM or classroom solution, we think RainbowOne can give you more selling points. When the school uses your hardware, they also need appropriate software. For example, RainbowOne can be pre-installed on your e-whiteboard in the classroom and installed at tablets of students, they can instantly enjoy the benefits of a truly engaging and interactive classroom. If you have Android robots, RainbowOne can be installed within and connected to your robots. The robots can give feedback by giving more gestures or emotions.

There are other many possible scenario of potential collaboration, please email us at