Our Story

Open Knowledge is formed by a group of passionates who want to help the underprivileged. We started at 2013. We aim at providing more learning opportunities for children with the use of new technology. Our main focus are underprivileged children and Special Education Needs (SEN). We believe Education is the only way to solve "multi-generation poverty", and we strive at giving these children equal learning opportunities.

Our mission

Our motto is "Create, Share, Include", we would like to provide an open platform for teachers and educationists to create and share e-Learning materials. We think that personalised learning is the best way to explore and incubate the potential ability of students. Therefore we created RainbowOne, an app where student can learn happily while helping teachers and parents to find out the strengths of their child. We will continue our effort to make RainbowOne a better and better place for teaching and learning.

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