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RainbowOne Introduction

Interactive e-books? Cater your student's need? Make one by yourself now!

Using RainbowOne, students can enjoy reading anytime anywhere.

User Guide

This is the first video that let you experience your first e-Lesson at RainbowOne.

Interactive lesson can engage your students.

Feel time-consuming on creating an e-book? You can download editable e-books from Bookstore.

With tags, users can be classified easily and effectively.

RainbowOne can add interactive components and adjust them to match your design and pedagogy. Let's get started on creating an e-book by yourself.

Features Demo (Chinese Ver. only)

E-book Component Demo (Chinese Ver. only)

Drag (1 to 1)
Drag & Drop Component

Sentence Reorder
Language Component

Game (Aqua Trail & Yummy Bugs)
Interactive Component

Extend Sentence
Language Component

Interactive Component