Real interactive lesson

Abundant teacher and lesson tools for you, e-classroom management is easier than ever. Student performance can be reviewed quickly, feedback to student is efficient and accurate.

Lesson tools list


Table Of Content

  • Control what you want students read
  • Divided into chapters for easier navigation

tool_34Sync pages

  • You can set teacher and student page sync method
  • Includes: Full (Student cannot turn page), Semi (Student can turn page, but are also directed by teachers, None) 


  • Review student answer thumbnails and instant question statistics
  • Chapter ranking, score distribution chart and objectives analysis chart
  • Data table show performance of each student and each question, including each page reading time. Data can also be exported

Statistics Pie

  • When you turn on this tool, pie charts appears beside every question, displaying results of them. This lets you quickly view performance of students
  • Data in pie chart is updated instantly
  • When you click on the pie, a popup shows the detail of student answers


  • Divide students into different groups and assign roles within the group instantly
  • Groups are distinguished by color. Roles in group are distinguished by alphabet
  • Perform specific function to groups like Black Screen, Lock Screen, give stars and assign specific pages
  • Can arrange your seating plan


  • Review single student answers and insert marking. During lesson mode, other students are synced and they can see the marking
  • Question with fixed answers will be marked automatically
  • Open-end questions can be marked manually. You can also mark "correction needed" in these questions
  • e-Pen with different colours are provided for marking
  • Can playback students' writing, audio and video
  • Can give student stars and "Like"
  • Can export answer data and answer media
  • Auto highlight questions that requires correction. Students can also see these highlights
  • Student list can be arranged according to class number, score and time of submission
  • Can randomly choose a student to display
  • Provide a list of pages that requires correction.

Group Present

  • Display multiple students' answer by group or role in group
  • Can be used for groups to present after discussion
  • During presentation, e-Pen can be used to draw across student screens
  • These e-Pen records can be saved

Peers Review

  • Teacher can turn on this peers review function at wish
  • Students can review the answers of other students and give "Like"
  • Student can give stickers to other students (will be rolled out in 2021)

Show Answer

  • Control student to display the correct answers of questions that have fixed answer
  • Teachers can also enable this function for students to check their own answer

Open e-book

  • Can change to other e-book anytime in lesson
  • Can choose the mode of e-book as Lesson, Free to read, Homework, Test or Exam


  • Use to write or draw on the screen anytime
  • Teachers's writing or drawing can be played back
  • Provider different colours and thickness


  • More space for writing or drawing
  • No need to switch between Projection screen and whiteboard anymore
  • Can review students' whiteboard (will be rolled out in 2021)

Black Screen

  • Change student screens to a black image
  • Let students focus on the teacher's screen or speech

Lock Screen

  • Students cannot input in the system
  • But they can still see the content


  • Timing for exercises, quiz or competition in class
  • Time will be shown on both teachers' and students' screen. There will be alarm when time's up
  • Can set the action when time is up, such as No action, Disable students' input or Black the screen


  • Students can instantly vote on their device and no need to raise up hands anymore
  • Voting items such as teacher handwriting, text, camera pictures and student screens
  • Can choose between 2-4 options
  • After collecting all voting, system will automatically generate result chart
  • Can list out the students under each option
  • Teacher and students can review results at the same time


  • Change your lesson to an interesting personal or group competition
  • Turn any question with standard answers to competition.
  • For Personal Competition, the champion is the fastest one who get all correct answer;
  • For Group Competition, the champion is the fastest group that the whole group get all correct answer
  • Teachers can give "Stars" to the 1st three students.


  • Use a large pointer to replace the computer cursor. (Windows / Mac / Android)
  • Act as a drag pointer for iOS
  • Help students know more clearly where the teacher is explaining
  • Sync between teacher and student devices


  • Browser is embedded for student to search for online information during lesson
  • No need to switch between browser and learning platform anymore


  • On Windows / Mac devices, you can print the pages with a printer or save pages as PDF. On iOS / Android, you can only save as PDF file
  • Can set the print range as whole book, whole chapter or single page
  • Students are limited to use this function on those e-books in Free to read or Homework mode


  • Online dictionary for student instantly look up meaning or pronunciation
  • Three dictionary can be chosen, Chinese-Chinese, Cambridge and Oxford


  • Can insert any word or vocabulary inside the e-book into Vocabulary Bank
  • Both teachers and students account have their own vocabulary bank


  • Students can mark down the key point during lesson
  • Both teacher and Student account have their own Notepad


  • Can add any page inside e-book into Bookmark
  • Both teacher and Student account have their own Bookmark
  • Teachers can also added bookmark to their students


  • Mainly used with Mandarin Pinyin text component
  • Can switch to display the Pinyin text above the text or not

Read text

  • After turn on this function, when you press any text on screen, the system will generate speech automatically
  • System detect the language automatically and choose appropriate voices

Convert text

  • All text can exchange between Traditional Chinese or Simplified Chinese


  • Enter key word to find the location of any related words inside the e-book

Video Conference

  • Instant connect to Zoom/Google Meet. RainbowOne can be used simultaneously with this platform
  • Teacher can open the video tool on its own and all students' device at the same time with just one click
  • Before lesson, teachers can enter the video URL to quickly connect video software


  • If you encounter disconnection, you can use this function to reload the screen after re-connection to ensure that teachers' and students' screen are synchronized

Test Network

  • If you encounter with any connection problem, open this function to check your network
  • Green represents Normal;
    Yellow represents it can be used but network speed is poor;
    Red represents unable to connect network

Reset Lesson

  • If teacher encounter with any problem, just reset lesson
  • This force all users to leave the lesson, and the system will reconnect automatically

Send Status

  • If teacher encounter synchronisation issues, use this function to re-send the lesson status to students


  • Both teacher and student can change the user Interface size if needed

Other settings related to lesson

Before lesson

  • Create lessons and assign them to specific group, for students to connect quickly
  • Settings for lesson: check answer instantly, passing rate, limit submission times, e-book treat at lesson end, video conference link
  • Can specify exact lesson time

After lesson

  • Can turn e-book used in lesson into assignments and other types of sharing
  • Can force students to leave lesson or log out