Know how to help your children.


Find out strengths and weaknesses of your child

When you find your children shows no interest at learning, most of the time the learning materials does not match his ability. It may be too hard or too easy. The best scenario is that the materials are within their ability but have a little challenge. How can we know their ability? Which aspect they are good at? We may not be able to find out completely by e-books, because we believe we should overview the ability of children but combining academic and non-academic data, but e-books can definitely help to give your ideas.

Auto-correction ease your life

For questions with standard answers, our e-books are auto-corrected. You can quickly know which questions are difficult for them. If your school uses RainbowOne, you can keep track the performance of your children before tests or exams. You can also know how they perform in class, e.g., you can listen to their voice in a speaking activity during class if their school using RainbowOne.

Encourage reading

The e-books include different kind of e-activities which can be more attractive than paper books. Arouse children’s interest and they will love reading!


Speaking and listening tools just like real lesson

You can turn on the voice-over functions in RainbowOne. When you click on every text, the system generates the voices for you to listen. You can listen repeatedly if you cannot follow the pace. There are also speaking tools that test your pronunciation, which can’t be done by using paper books.

You can also learn!

Combining the above features, you can also learn without the presence of a teacher. You can learn by yourself first and then teach your children.

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