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Standout from competition. Choose a comprehensive e-Learning platform.


Add competitive advantage to your business

One of the way to stand out from competition is using e-Learning. We know every learning centre has its own materials, and everyone know it is good to digitalize them. All you need should not be just pdf. Your materials should be interactive and help you analyze performance of students easily.

Comprehensive evaluation

Most of the time, tutors would evaluate the ability of each student before starting a course. Tutors also want to impress parents by finding out weaknesses of students. Without e-tools, tutors would analyze by their own experience. By using RainbowOne, tutors can create ability tables, or use the curriculum tables of official bureau, and then connect these abilities to each question in the evaluation exercises. Evaluation by ability is more accurate than by score only. After a student submitted their answers, a tutor can instantly understand student’s ability by reading the ability summary. Moreover, he can compare the result to all other students, and then let the parent knows how he can help. During the course, students will continually submit answers to the system. The tutors can check the progress of the students anytime and adjust teaching method accordingly.


Overview performance easily

If you are the senior tutors or the management of the learning centre, you can have summary statistics or charts on student performance of the whole school or your selection of class. You can do this anytime. This can help you to adjust your course planning more accurately.

Save time by auto-correction

Every question with standard answer is auto-corrected in RainbowOne. Tutors can save more time on teaching method and course materials design.

Spread to a wider range of customers by having more pricing strategy

You can give out trial or beginner’s learning materials at a very low cost because everything is online. If someone likes your materials, they can enroll a full course with tutors.

You can also offer one-to-one online tutoring services using RainbowOne. The tutor and student can connect together in RainbowOne. Their pages will in sync, they can see what each other is doing such as writing on screen or moving an object. They can choose to see video or just listen to the voice of each other. This is truly teaching and learning anytime anywhere!

AI is coming!

We are developing AI to find insights from learning data automatically. There are 2 benefits. First, the AI suggest hidden insights that you cannot observe at regular lessons. You can show it to the parents that you are able to find such insights and adjust your teaching method. Second, the AI suggest what are the best materials or teaching style for a particular student base on his assessment results. All these technologies help you to pinpoint the ability of every student, making you a more advanced learning centre than the others!

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