Current Version:v2.8.13
Last modified: 16/06/2022


Min. requirement: iOS 11


Min. requirement: Android 7.0


Min. requirement: Windows 10
Please close the old version to install

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Min. requirement: OSX 10.13

2.8.13 Update Information

* For macOS 12.x users, please reinstall the program to resolve the program compatibility issue.
  • Added share link for assignments
  • Added import pdf as image (for testing only)
  • Added these components: Fraction Shape & Answer, Fraction shape Fraction answer, Fraction compare, Fraction convert, LCM/HCF
  • Added "One step only" settings for component "Expand fraction"
  • e-Pen component can now be set as question / non-question. Default color can also be set.
  • In "Progress", you can now view multiple groups performance or search by e-book name
  • The "School admin" section UI and program is completely redesigned.
  • Added "Subjects" function in School admin, for use at e-book and analysis later on.
  • Other improvement and bug fixes

Details of version

Hardware requirements

Basic requirement:

  • Internet connection is necessary

  • Hard disk space: 150MB or above

Minimum Hardware requirement:

  • Windows desktop program: 7th Generation i3 Processors or faster with 4GB RAM, Microsoft® Windows 10 or later

  • Mac desktop app: 7th Generation i3 Processors or faster with 4GB RAM, Mac OSX 10.13 or later

  • iPad app: iPad Air 2 or later, iOS11.0 or later

  • Android app: 1.3Ghz 4 Core or above, 3GB RAM, Android™ 7.0 or later