Current Version:v2.8.23
Last modified: 04/04/2023


Min. requirement: iOS 11


Min. requirement: Android 7.0


Min. requirement: Windows 10
Please close the old version to install


Min. requirement: OSX 10.13

2.8.23 Update Information

 Improvement and bug fixes
  • Added eLearning Quiz competition 2023
  • Fixed the voice playback is not stopped, when the word dictionary is closed
  • Fixed sometimes show the course result when the course haven't finish
  • Fixed math column method component error
  • Fixed pop-up frame component error
  • When the teacher corrects the speech recognition component, teacher can see the recognition rate of the student's answer
  • Fixed e-book cannot be viewed vertically on iOS device
  • Fixed the problem that the iPhone can't use the speaker to playback sound

Details of version

Hardware requirements

Basic requirement:

  • Internet connection is necessary

  • Hard disk space: 150MB or above

Minimum Hardware requirement:

  • Windows desktop program: 8th Generation i3 Processors or faster with 4GB RAM, Microsoft® Windows 10 or later

  • Mac desktop app: 8th Generation i3 Processors or faster with 4GB RAM, Mac OSX 10.13 or later

  • iPad app: iPad Air 2 or later, iOS 12.0 or later

  • Android app: 1.3Ghz 4 Core or above, 4GB RAM, Android™ 8.0 or later