Rich learning components for tailor-made e-Book

Components are designed for education with abundant customizable settings

Your e-book is fun with our components

Not just multiple choice or fill in the blanks! Revolutionise your book with our components specially designed for different learning activities. More than 50 interactive components and each with detail settings to suit your style. Abundant question types such as Drag and Drop, Camera, Audio and video recording, and much more are awaiting for you.

Free Canvas for you to arrange everything in your way

Get rid of fixed layout. Unlike other learning platform that content and questions can only be arranged one by one in a long scrolling page, our free canvas is just like using a powerpoint. Position your content and learning elements anywhere as you wish. Your student will definite love your e-books.

Quick start with templates

Start with our abundant templates with different learning activities and presentation styles. Simplify your work by just revising them instead of starting from scratch. Some of them are brilliant activities that you may never imagine before. Engage your students with these activities and stimulate their thinking and presentation.

Media library:
No worry about licenses

A keyword saves you hours of time. Enter a keyword at our media library with over 10000 licensed clipart's and photos. Can't find good pictures? You can upload your own photos, audio, video and even animation and put them in your e-book.

There are also enthusiast who put their e-book in the bookstore of RainbowOne. They allow you to use their e-book and the media within!

Easy and flexible sharing

Create flexible learning groups and share your amazing e-book to your students. Sharing settings such as open date, submit times, enable text-to-speech, answer responses, answer checking mode can be customised for different scenario.

Want to know which 80+ components?

Download RainbowOne and enjoy for free with 2 teacher and 40 student accounts!