Teacher Interview: Mr. Wong Lai Ho, Price Memorial Catholic Primary School

Random math questions – what the traditional learning doesn’t have

Price Memorial Catholic Primary School is a mainstream subsidized primary school, located in Wong Tai Sin. E-learning has been implemented in the school since 2009. From e-learning to e-reading programs, the school would like to provide the best education to students.

School information

Information and technology have become an indispensable part of our daily life. Mr. Wong believes that through practices, both parents and students and the school can get familiar with the development of technology nowadays.

Transforming teaching materials

After class, Mr. Wong would conduct mathematics elite training class, to help students personally. He thinks that RainbowOne provides numerous materials and is highly flexible, that’s why he actively try out for different kinds of creative learning.

"I wish that the production and application of e-materials can be merged into a single platform so that I don’t have to switch every time from platforms to platforms. It has to be simple and easy to use in order to attract teachers to use it."  Mr. Wong has now produced 5 chapters of the mathematics elite training lesson and had even used RainbowOne’s test as one of its senior form examinations.

Transform teaching materials

electronic pen featureCollect students' answer instantly

Once the teachers have picked it, teaching can run smoothly

Mr. Wong runs his Maths lesson using RainbowOne with 10 people in a group. However, some “actions” could not be replaced by e-learning. For instance, drawing circles using a compass still need to be done on paper. But to randomly select questions is what traditional education cannot do.

"It only takes me 5 mins to prepare a chapter to teach for the elite class using the e-teaching materials, excluding brainstorming the ideas. Students used a little whiteboard to write a draft and calculate, then sent me the answers via e-system. Thanks to the freely customized layout, I can sometimes leave some space for students to exert their own ideas. Moreover, students did not need to log in with a password, that saved a lot of time. Since the page is synced, classroom management is also straightforward."

"On the other hand, RainbowOne provides a large amount of components, I can design my own questions anytime without any limitations. Aside from my elite training class, I also used the "interactive bearing questions"  as an examination. Questions in this game are all randomly selected, like random placings and random directions. By this, students’ special ability is really tested."

used whiteboard to calculateclassroom managementthe page is synced, classroom management

Using RainbowOne to flip traditional learning ideas

Mr. Wong suggested that if RainbowOne can provide "instant recording"  features, then this could flip the traditional ideas of learning. "The primary idea of that is students can first read and prepare for their lessons with teachers’ recordings at home. Then, they can do a few questions to test their knowledge and understanding. So that the teacher can look at their performance statistics and grasp students’ strengths and weaknesses. The biggest advantage of this is not to find the best and the worst student, but to generally help with those who are stuck in the middle and need guidance."

The ideal e-learning

Along with the development of Wifi100 and 900, many schools are now searching for e-teaching materials. Mr. Wong stated, "For me, the prerequisite foremost is simple and easy to use. Statistics and details are not something that helps a lot at this stage. On the contrary, we hope to first enhance students’ learning interest. And add in more interesting exercises and multi-medias later. It’s not a matter for students to learn how to use the e-system as long as teachers can pick it up easily. We used to go to the computer room when we start e-learning. We now can access the internet easily, showing the advantage of improved technology on e-learning. For the next approach, I wish that all subjects can start using e-learning to teach. And for RainbowOne, I hope that there could be more learning components and features to enrich e-teaching materials and e-learning!"