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Cross-platform, unique e-learning materials authoring tools and components, real interactive lesson, assignments and marking, abundant auxiliary tools. Everything in one platform.

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Migrate to 21st century learning, easier than ever

We believe every student is unique. Teaching and learning should be customised nowadays because students are simply not "factory products". RainbowOne provides all these necessary functions, to help incubate "21 century students". These functions includes but not limited to:

  • Authoring tool with complete freedom: organise different multimedia and interactive activities.
  • Real interactive lesson: sync, voting, competition, discussion, peer review...make lesson engaging.
  • Assignments and marking: easily distribute your materials, suitable for reading, assignment, test and exam, with abundant settings.
  • Performance analysis tools: understand performance instantly, can also use learning objectives for analysis.
  • Abundant resources and auxiliary tools: provide ready-to-use and editable materials, templates and clipart, link to video conference tool, AI text-to-speech and speech recognition, Reward system, Course tool, objective tool, new and bulletin board, ranking, other assist learning tools, everything in one platform.
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Innovative and ppt-like Authoring 
Easy with Total Design Freedom

Simple as your favourite presentation tool.

RainbowOne provides abundant components with unique settings.
You can freely combine multimedia content and interactive activities in a single page, no programming is required.
Rather than "only one activity one page" in other platform, RainbowOne is completely flexible.
One teaching file contains teach, learn and assess altogether, no more separate programs.
Students easy to use, teachers easy to mark.

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Real interactive lesson

Provide abundant interactive tool, including: Link to Zoom/Google Meet*, students or role grouping, assign page, page-sync, answer-sync, e-pen-sync, cursor sync, instant answer check, real-time report, instant marking, black-out screen, disable input, voting, competition, group presentation, peer review, timer, and many other functions that smoothen your teaching. Everything lesson is under your control.

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*Microsoft Teams linking will be provided later.

Assignments and correction
Auto-marking and Analysis

Whether you are in-lesson or after-lesson, you will know performance of your students instantly. All questions with standard answers are marked automatically, open-ended questions can be marked manually, reports and statistics are then generated instantly, suitable for dictation, exercises, assignments, progress test, regular test, examinations and other activities.

Abundant sharing settings: whether check answer immediately, open and correction period, passing rate, time limit, stars reward, limit submission times.

You can freely feedback after submission with: free marking tools, reward stars, playback students' e-pen, give "Like", add text or audio feedback, add to bulletin board, export data and many others.

Instant report and statistics: The report provides all answer thumbnails, chapter ranking, score distribution, learning objectives analysis, data table, to help you analyse student weaknesses, so that you explain more in lesson and arrange appropriate exercises to students.

Data Analysis: Provide data tools to generate academic performance analysis and usage analysis. The content of performance analysis can be e-book or learning objectives, so as to assist you to find out student weaknesses. Usage analysis allows you to under student usage on the platform.

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Provides ready-to-use and editable content
No need to start from scratch

RainbowOne bookstore provides 800+ editable contents for you to use and revise, saving you lots of working hours. RainbowOne also provides abundant templates, licensed photos and clipart. We also encourage teachers to share their e-books to our bookstore and build a great e-Learning community around the world!

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Why RainbowOne?

RainbowOne integrates:

  • CMS - Content Management System
  • LMS - Learning Management System
  • DMS - Data Management System

Provides teach, learn and assess functions, with abundant settings, everything in one platform, every feature is designed with heart, which may not be available in other platform. We continually develop new features, including Big Data and AI functions, to match the ever evolving pedagogy. 

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