Engage your students with your own feature-rich e-books

Your e-books, your pedagogy. Create your own e-books with our abundant learning components. Learning data are automatically collected and analyzed.

Cater your student's need

We believe every student is unique. Teaching and learning should be customised nowadays because students are simply not "factory products". That's why we offer a comprehensive tool for you to tailor-make your e-books. All the components in the platform are designed for education. You can make your own e-book easily today.

Innovative e-Book Editor:
Total Design Freedom

Start with a free canvas or choose from over 100 learning templates. Create a free e-book that looks exactly the way you want. With easy drag and drop you can customise anything. Abundant learning components are specially design for education. Arrange and mix any kind of learning activities - all without writing a line code. 

Lesson mode:
Interact with your students

Manage your e-lesson by using page-sync, black-out screen, disable input, voting, timer, shared whiteboard and many other functions that smoothen your teaching. Everything is under your control.

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Instant Charts:
Know your students well

One of the benefits of e-Learning is that you can know your students' performance immediately. All questions with pre-set answers are instantly corrected. Find out learning difficulties of students by using our instant analysis. Then you can further explain at lesson, or arrange appropriate exercises focusing only these difficulties.

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Bookstore with editable e-books

We know it's difficult to start everything from scratch. We provide ready-made e-books that you can download and revise and save you lots of time. We also encourage teachers to share their e-books to our bookstore and build a great e-Learning community around the world!

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Why RainbowOne is better than other LMS?

While other learning platform focus on the file collection, we focus on the content design. Your own content and pedagogy is the most important part of e-Learning. Your e-book must match your style instead of changing your style to fit it. Get your free e-book which showcased many possibilities and try it yourself!

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